Manuel Rossner

Manuel Rossner (1989, Heilbronn, Germany) frequently uses his virtual reality works to explore the blurred boundaries between physical and virtual reality. His artworks range from installative virtual sculptures that replicate, penetrate or transform a virtual copy of the original physical architecture, or virtual extensions to an existing museum building. Rossner tests our understanding of reality, architecture and exhibition space by creating meaningful connections in virtual reality – often in a playful manner. Rossner is the founder, developer and curator of 'Float Gallery' (2012), a virtual internet platform for digital art that can be replicated through a variety of media. Alongside his artistic work, he explores the social flipside of technological progress, for example by means of his commitment to causes such as unconditional basic income. Via initiatives like 'Internet TBD' or 'The Post-Binary', he also makes an active contribution to the critical debate on defining technological developments of the future such as artificial intelligence. His works have most recently been exhibited by KM– Graz, Frankfurter Kunstverein, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, INFRA Festival Tokyo and 1822-Forum Frankfurt.