Lena Kadriye Ziyal
Graphic designer & visual artist

Lena is part of the collectively run content and graphic design agency Infotext in Berlin. Infotext is a Berlin agency for content and graphic design that offers journalistic services and design work for companies, associations, NGOs, editorial offices and publishers. Lena creates design concepts, infographics, icons, illustration and layout. As a visual artist, she is currently finishing  a comprehensive comic contribution on Artificial Intelligence.

Lena studied graphic arts and visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, the University of Arts (UdK) in Berlin and at the Marmara University Istanbul. Before, she had an education in the area of illustration and drawing at Studio Mustafa Yildirim in Istanbul. She completed her training with a further education in illustration and graphic design at the Atelier Saeed Ensafi (Tehran, Iran).

In 2008, she wrote her first graphic novel "Graustufen" ("Grayscales"). As part of an exchange project with the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), she realized her project "1001 questions - Berlin/Beirut" (2012). Her book "A common visual language" visually reflects her research of the imagary of European anti-austerity movements (2012/13). She contributed to the conference "The Art of Being Many" (Hamburg, 2014) with the iconing artwork "deconstructive proposals".

Before joining infotext she worked as a freelance graphic designer and visual artist.