irina novarese

Irina Novarese is a european visual artist. Her works evolves around installations, drawings, videos and interdisciplinary projects. She received a BA in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin (1996) and a MA in Art in Context from UdK, Berlin (2008).

Her work was presented in solo and group shows at various galleries, museums, and off-site projects in Europe, Latin America, USA and China; She was taking part to international residencies among other in Serbia, Brasil an the US.

Active in many interdisciplinary and participative artistic projects, she presented some of them at the 10thVenice Architecture Biennale (2006), at the 2ndGhetto Biennale in Haiti (2012) and at the MOR Museo orgánico Romerillo during the 12thHavana Biennial (2015). She curates the Hydromemories Project: an interdisciplinary project about water resources, which concretely support the construction of Water Tanks in Tanzania; the residency project for artists in exile HIER&JETZT: Connections and the KIN*K, a monthly video art screening at the BLO Ateliers Berlin. Furthermore is she part of the artistic group A*BOUT together with Viola Thiele and Silke Bauer.

She is active in different artistic educational projects like TRICKMISCH of Mobiles Sprachlabor Berlin.