Bernhard Kaplan
Data Scientist

Areas of interest:

 - Artificial intelligence
 - Data analytics for smart exoskeleton control
 - Human machine interaction

With 12 years of multidisciplinary research experience including neuromorphic systems and biomedical imaging, Dr. Bernhard Kaplan is now helping to shape the data science activities at German Bionic, the leading exoskeleton manufacturer in Europe. Besides meeting the requirements accompanied with the transition to industry 4.0 (predictive maintenance, IoT), his focus is on improving the interaction between the exoskeleton and its user.

Dr. Bernhard Kaplan started his research career at the University of Heidelberg studying physics and neuromorphic hardware systems, i.e. computer chips that mimic the behaviour of real neural systems.
He received his PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm on research dealing with questions as to how biologically plausible neural networks can learn to recognize patterns and predict future sensory stimuli.
During his post-doc at the Zuse-Institute Berlin he applied modelling, optimization and computer simulations to photoacoustics, an emerging non-invasive biomedical imaging modality.