Katy Campbell
Leiterin Marke und Kommunikation bei APX

Katy is leading brand and communications at APX, where she is responsible for attracting the best founders through relevant content formats and strategies.

Before joining the company, Katy spent 2018 working in various fashion companies ranging from B2B services to the illustrious House of Malakai. At her previous roles, she led the business and brand strategy teams.

Katy started her career in Scotland, where she ran regional political campaigns and supported oil and gas clients at The BIG Partnership. She then moved to London where she was responsible for generating new business at The PHA Group and worked alongside the agency’s corporate clients. After moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Katy worked on writing film scripts and supported in the creation of short films for United Class Productions. She has now been in Berlin for six years, where she has spread out her career working in communications at both Rocket Internet SE and Zalando SE.

Katy spends time mentoring startups in Berlin and the Middle East, as well as pro bono communications and strategic work for charities.

Her passion in the startup world are female-led startups, discussions around mental health in the workplace, and the movement around a United Europe.


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