Armin Reinartz

Armin Reinartz lives and works in the city of cities, Hong Kong. Fighting back against global authoritarianism and shrinking spaces, Armin and his Team of the Global Innovation Hub are part of building a creative innovation platform with the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. They connect, ideate and co-create to support FNF and liberal partner organisations around the world to upgrade their game. By utilizing existing innovation and building own prototypes, they want to contribute to get global Freedom to take the offensive again.

Growing up in a small German village, Armin started experiencing the rural-urban divide and the difference in speed between Europe and Asia first hand when he left his beloved Rhineland home to study in two challenging and transforming cities. He somehow managed and now holds a Master Degree in Public Policy from Peking University, Beijing, and a Master in Contemporary East Asian Studies from the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Now in his 8th year in Asia, Armin is always interested to discuss how to connect Europe to the dynamism and spirit of the east or how to use the opportunities of new technologies for freedom and minimize their danger. He also holds strong opinions on the quality of beer around the world and is willing to fight anybody over it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him to discuss those topics and more.