Seneit Debese

Seneit Debese is the founder and CEO of Greta & Starks Apps GmbH  an innovative Berlin based enterprise, aiming to apply creative, software and hardware solutions to provide barrier-free access to movies.

After studying business administration and working over 15 years in the cinema industry, she decided to engage her skills and know-how into cinema accessibility for people with hearing and sight loss. She launched the app Greta in 2013 and achieved outstanding impact with more than 400,000 cinema visits recorded in German speaking countries. She was awarded several prices, she took part to a residency program to introduce Greta in the USA, and was invited to explain how much she loves being a social entrepreneur at the the last TEDxTU in Vienna.

With the establishment of a new social franchise network, she strives for employment and inclusion for persons with sight and hearing loss, setting these goals at the core of her impact strategy, not only as user but as business owner. 

Designed to be one tool for all places of film reception, for persons with no or low vision, for hard of hearing and deaf individuals as well as an international audience with language barriers she aims to enable substantial growth and global audience development for the cinema industry and film fun.