Stephan Somogyi
Security Team

Stephan Somogyi works in security and privacy product management at Google. His remit includes Safe Browsing, Google’s system that protects well over a billion users worldwide from malware and phishing; End-To-End, a product that makes strong encryption more usable; and a variety of other security and privacy efforts. Stephan is an advisor to Google Ventures, and also chairs the Privacy and Public Policy Working Group of the FIDO Alliance, which develops open standards for strong authentication. Immediately prior to joining Google, Stephan consulted in a variety of global security and product management roles, including stints at VMWare and Infineon. He was previously the director of products at PGP Corporation, and has also worked in brand strategy and information design. In a former life, he was a business, technology, and design journalist, writing for the Economist, the Financial Times, Wired, and I.D. Magazine, among others.


Zur Zeit gibt es noch kein veröffentlichtes Programm. Bitte schaue später noch einmal rein. 


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    Let’s Talk About Google Security & Protecting Users At Global Scale

    Have you ever wanted to understand how Google Security works? How and why encryption is important? Why we’re so focused on strong authentication and other forms of account protection? And why security is in reality not only a technical but also a human factors issue? Come join a conversation with members of Google’s Security and Trust & Safety teams.

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    After Google I/O: Privacy and Security Deep Dive

    The annual keynote at Google I/O is always the source of many updates around how Google approaches the protection of its users. Come learn more about what was announced during yesterday’s keynote session.

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