Matthias Katsch

A philosopher and management trainer, Matthias professionally contributes to his clients’ success through interdisciplinary thinking and business experience gained mainly in the ITC and service industry, delivering trainings and consultancy focused on change. … and Matthias was victimized by sexual abuse in a catholic school in 1977. In January 2010 he started to speak out about what occurred to him and many other boys at the famous Canisius Kolleg in Berlin; this disclosure marked the starting point of a dramatic process of reflection about sexual child abuse within educational institutions and in families. As spokesperson of ECKIGER TISCH, association of victims of child abuse co-founded by him, he has been since present in the media calling for inquiry, help and compensation to the victims. He participated in the German round table. At present he is member of the advisory board for the Independent Representative for the issues of child abuse (UBSKM), and member of the Board of Survivors (Betroffenenrat), installed 2015 by appointment through a panel of the German Bundestag. Born in Berlin, lived, worked, studied in Santiago de Chile, Munich, St. Gallen, Berkeley and Taipei, now based in Baden, Germany.