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13:45 - 14:15
Anticipate ! Collective Intelligence Design in the Age of Prediction Machines


The approaches anticipation as collective intelligence design - how to create contexts and conditions that allow us to imagine possible and potential futures. Session participants will discover through a series of use cases how efficient networks are structured to enable cross-sectoral intelligence creation and learning.


Technological changes embed us in human-machine-collectives of unprecedented scale. Through the “not-yet-disciplinary” cultures of experimental research and their predictive what-if-power, we can comprehend and co-design such embeddedness and develop new ways of engaging in foresighting activities.

Spectrum (Technoport) is a “Decentralized Digital Asset Catalogue”, a smart portfolio empowered by distributed ledger technology facilitating the administration of co-created digital assets to explore new collaborative value creation frameworks. The Spectrum web tool demonstrates how creative content can be transformed into digital assets through simple Human2Human2Machine interaction. The project aims at supporting freelancers by collaboratively exploring agile ways of working corresponding to contemporary project-based work.

Arc of Collaboration (K8, Ouishare) is an online tool to assess the culture of collaboration in your organization or your team.

Open Culture, Open Systems (CNA): Cultural organizations struggle with policy environments that were never meant to facilitate experimental approaches to institutional design. In order to share resources and meet the growing demand for collaboration and access to information, the CNA must equip itself with skills and infrastructures that meet these demands and reflect the worlds in which culture and heritage are engaged by.

If we want to rely on autonomous systems that can learn, we need to know much more about how to build institutions and organizations that learn. Otherwise, machine intelligence will not fully benefit human intelligence in key areas. Complementing the powerful-yet-narrow vision of technology-centered predictive analytics, the multiple registers of anticipation facilitate both forecasting and foresighting. supports collective intelligence design activities through collaborative research and will present use cases that highlight the need for cross-sectoral collaboration.