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12:30 - 13:00
Express Yourself
Ask Me Anything About the Aftermath of the EU Copyright Directive


Come and join Cory Doctorow as he shares his insight on Big Tech and the effects of their monopolies on smaller businesses, including the harmful effects of surveillance. Ask questions, discuss passionately, and more importantly, converse about the relationship between commercial and state surveillance, governments’ role in exploiting private databases, and how these existing consequences might gain more legitimacy through the EU Copyright Directive.


Cory Doctorow describes surveillance capitalism as a 'monopoly' capitalism. He highlights that it is not necessarily the data collection conducted by Big Techs that control us. Rather, it is the data collection conducted by monopolies on search results and app stores that do. This renders surveillance as a toxic danger to our society. Yet what might such surveillance look like after the EU Copyright Directive?