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Ask Me Anything About Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics

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Technological advancement is often seen as an advantageous necessity to improve social stability, increase employment rates and better public infrastructure. But is it really the case? Come and join us for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Nanjala, where she will share her insights on the relationship between technology and its use as a panacea for problems prevalent among societies.


The World Bank in its 2019 'World Development Report' stated that technology 'brings opportunity, paving the new way to create jobs, increase productivity, and deliver effective public services'. Nanjala argues that the individuals who construct such platforms are gaining a stronghold on controlling the details of our everyday life, with the motto that technological advancement is beneficial for all. This means that technology is becoming a universal mechanism to solve political and social issues, when in reality technology causes unpredictable damages as it too has its limits. Nanjala focuses on what technology cannot fix, and will address larger issues related to technology in divided societies, technology within corrupt power systems, and technology as a solution to social problems.