11:15 - 12:15
Augment Reality, making paper GIFs for storytelling


Augmented Reality (AR) lends a dynamic digital presence to the static print object, creating a unique user experience that's something more than the sum of its parts. Intended for content creators and storytellers, presented as a digital recipe for a collaborative, participatory, and hands-on learning by making session. Out-smarting the smartphone to cook up digital recipes. Lets make a GIF on paper (IRL), then make it move (augmented) on screen when scanned.


Exploring the intersection of the physical and digital space using AugmentedRealty where your smartphone reveals the underlying story behind the printed static content. Using freely available apps and a web-based AR platform, this workshop is a learn-by-doing exercise that steps through creating an animated GIF to making it appear on the printed page using AR. 

While current trends beyond gaming adopt AR for brand story engagement and gimmicky education products, this Storytellers' Kitchen session aims to bring AR to storytellers and narrative. Simplifying the creation process down to a digital recipe aims to inspire digital thinking in concert with traditional print material to produce a multi-layered storytelling experience while encouraging collaboration and co-creation.

tl;dr: adopting AR to create an experience that brings print to life, aids retention for digital content.

Participants will need a smartPhone and share a laptop (to access a web-based editor) to create their AR GIFs for stories. A shared laptop will be made available for those without laptops. Participants work in groups of 2-4.