17:30 - 18:30
Designing Tomorrows - Science Fiction as a Method


If we want to build inclusive digital societies, we need to be able to imagine a future we want to live in and develop a language to describe our ideas for future societies. This session will share skills on how to design the future. Artists, designers and researchers will present approaches and methodologies how to design future products, scenarios, and concepts.


Science Fiction can be a tool to enable us to design worlds far from our present time. How can we use Science Fiction as a method and what methods exist to help us design desirable futures? In this session the speakers will each present their work: Shalev Moran will present his work as part of the Designing Tomorrows collective, developing different methods using science fiction to design desirable futures. He will also share the approaches and methods behind his project Speculative Tourism, exploring possible futures through the medium of audio tours. Luiza Prado and Michelle Christensen use speculative design methodologies and will share insights on how they apply these in their work as artists and researchers. Following the brief presentations the speakers will discuss challenges in designing desirable futures as well as the pros and cons of the methods presented. The format of the discussion will be a fishbowl allowing other people to take the stage and compliment the session with their experiences. The panellists will be joined by other experts such as Sina Kamala Kaufmann,  philosopher and science-fiction writer, who  will share how to break creatively with normative narratives (good/bad-boundaries), why it is currently important to open up futures radically and how this can support the next step in democratising modern digital societies.

This session is part of the FUTURE/S project supported by Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum