14:15 - 14:45
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Expect the Unexpected: Implementing AI at the Workplace


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a powerful solution, as long as we ask ourselves the right questions. To date, insights on how AI might affect daily work on the desk-level are still lacking intensely. In our research we explore German workplaces where AI is already being used today to analyse its real-life implications. What can we expect from the unexpected?


AI has the potential to lead to profound changes in the entire socio-technical system of humans, organisation and technology. In public debates a fear that the use of AI could lead to the loss of jobs or even the disappearance of entire industries is often expressed. But where transformation is quietly creeping in rather than loudly gatecrashing - a big bang remains silent. Because, actually, people and AI are already working more and more closely together.

In academia, we are gaining an alternative perspective on this new way of working, in which humans and machines are not competitors, but rather cooperating colleagues. In effect,  single working tasks are more likely to be shifted than replaced. This applies at the macro level to the labour market dynamics of automation, but also at the micro level to the processes and structures in individual organisations.

Examining case studies from various fields of work we have set the scope on the German case. This stands out in international comparison due to the concept of Betrieblich Verfasste Mitbestimmung, which shines light on workers perspective and participation in the AI-fication process.

In our presentation we will present some early findings from case studies, as part of research. Thereby we will focus on the current, concrete consequences of AI in the workplace. This way, the questions of how AI can and should be used will be shifted to where they most urgently arise and where they can also be answered most adequate: On the desk of every individual employee. This goes hand in hand with the realization that people and technology are mutually dependent, and thus, all humans play an active role in the development and use of AI. And remember: With great power, comes also great responsibility.