Generation Update

Short thesis

"What is a web year now, about three months? [...] We will be able to live for three or four hundred Web years, which will be very exciting" T. Berners-Lee, 1996

"I'm sorry I am no longer updating this website. There is very little time for me to update this site. I still love the Backstreet Boys very much, I'm still a fan." user blackandblue, 2001


Historically, time is a primary currency in human computer interaction. The IT industry’s business is based on concepts of “time sharing”, “real time computer”, and “personal timeline”. This talk will focus on special deals offered to early web users for the time they got online, time they took to build the Web, and how it was devalued: from Under Construction fever to Update boredom, to the Upload routine of today. As the title suggests, the emphasis will be made on the one in the middle, most dramatic and till now least researched.