14:15 - 14:45
Innovation Communities Surviving Through Conflict


How many Einsteins are currently sat in refugee camps? How many solutions to humanity’s great questions have we lost, because brilliant people haven’t had access to develop their skills or share their ideas?

Currently more people are displaced than at any other time in history, so it is particularly crucial that systems for innovation are available to people no matter what their circumstances. In this session we will look at people who have done that and how to build on what they've achieved.


The loss of human potential when people spend years of their lives in the limbo of conflict, displacement or systemic poverty is a tragedy that costs those individuals and whole of humanity.

In this session we will look at how we can build systems of learning, innovation and contribution for people no matter what their circumstances. We will learn from examples of what has happened and what is planned for the future; and focus on how we can build the blueprint for networks which support our joint future.

In particular we will look at how Field Ready engineers within conflict affected areas of Syria have designed, tested and built solutions which are now used as far away as Nepal and Mexico. How the young community of Mosul Space continued to expand technology and innovation knowledge, even when displaced, and are now using their skills and knowledge to rebuild their own city. And how systems for distributed manufacturing can be used to create new economic opportunities for for Syrian refugees in Turkey, makers in Kenya, and many others.

In short, how the disruption of crisis can be used to create new systems, from which global lessons can be drawn to create local, sustainable learning economies.

And we invite contribution and discussion from all who attend this session to develop new ideas to take us forward.