@E – Be:Bernd


A hyperlocal clifi-game for four players, that includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, a retro text adventure, an audio discovery experience and a lot of discussions with your teammates. Save your favourite spots in Berlin from the negative effects of climate change- or is it already too late?


Be:Bernd is a hyperlocal game for four players or team of players, that includes Augmented Reality, Virtuality, a retro text adventure and a audio discovery experience, that is intertwined with a physical control station.The game field contains an xy-plotter, that moves a game figure through a model of the city, the players are in, which is represented by four landmarks. Those landmarks are also the places, the players can interact within their playing experience. The setting is a cli-fi scenario, in which the players have to save Berlin from rising sea levels and starvation.  

First of all, the players have to discover the possibilities of the world they play in. The landmarks each have different functions and opportunities, that influence the game's story. In order to do make decisions, the players have superpowers over the landmarks: The Fernsehturm, e.g. can be used as dam to stop water from flooding the city or as an antenna for outside communication. To decide between those options, the players have to fulfill certain tasks, with each player having different information. 

These tasks contain minigames on the computer, discoveries in the VR-surrounding, pushing buttons on the control field of the audio controller board and gather informations of the outcome on certain decisions via AR. Those informations and possibilities need to be gathered and exchanged to experience the game's story. Hence, in order to progress in the story, the players constantly need to discuss their discoveries and they will see a direct outcome of their actions on their devices, their city and the game field. 

location: E