@E - LOGICS Of GOLD (2018)


A little trip to the edge of space and back down to earth in 5 minutes?!
Virtual reality makes it possible!
Technic/time: Virtual reality video, 5‘00“
Material: 22 carat gold flakes, sheet metal gold, weather balloon & helium, 360° panorama camera


With ‚LOGICS Of GOLD‘, virtual reality allows access to a reality we would otherwise never be able to experience! The fully immersive visual exposure gives the viewer a surprisingly overwhelming physical feeling of weightlessness. Five minutes which question our understanding of reality, space & time!

A two-meter-diameter gilded helium balloon, onto which a 360 ° panoramic camera is attached, rises into the skies. This camera thus films the entire environment: leaving the city and the sky above and around it. The world gets smaller and smaller on its way into the stratosphere, until it bursts at around 35 km altitude. The spectacular explosion moment in which the balloon spreads its gold particles is also part of the 360 ° video - as well as its fall back to earth.

Gold is as rare on earth as it is in the universe. Stars explode as a supernova.

For a few brief moments each of these stars releases the same amount of energy that is shared by all the stars in the galaxy.

In this explosion, gold atoms are created - and then thrown into the universe.

Gold reached the earth as meteorites crashed onto its surface.

The earthly gold deposits have been found in the earth mantle for more than 200 million years.

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