Ariane Trümper

The German scenographer and artist Ariane Trümper (1984) studied fashion design in Berlin and worked for several years as film professional. In 2014 she graduated Cum Laude with a MA Scenography at the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) in Groningen. During her study she started working with technology, such as camera’s and interactive performance programs and visited additional courses of the IME Master program (Interactive Media and Environments). Ariane is living and working from Rotterdam as an independent artist and scenographer in Germany and the Netherlands.

Her performative installations are researching perceptive and performative processes filtered through our bodies and technology. She is part of the German performance collectives Monster Control District, the Dutch research group Platform-Scenography and regularly tutoring, i.e. at the HKU Utrecht (MA Scenography). She creates autonomous artistic installations, performances and media works.