Fabian Seewald
Creative Dynamo

Bridging the Arts 🎭 and Business and co-creating new spaces are my passionate daily challenges.

I am the creative dynamo and performer in one of the most amazing art projects out there: DUNDU - The Gentle Giants of Lights: inspiring the crowds around the world and sharing the light.
Furthermore, I am facilitating & co-creating the innovative approach of Puppetry for Team Sucess called DUNDU-Teambuilding & Puppet Thinking in inspiring speeches and co-creative workshops.
Last but not the least: performing artist as juggler and clown in diverse juggling collectives: Locura sin Documentos & Falabares
Below more information about the projects - Let us get in touch & Share the light

DUNDU is an illuminated large-scale puppet that has enthralled spectators worldwide since 2006, from the bustling streets of Lyon, France to the raucous stadium crowds in Seoul, South Korea. Though large in size, he is a gentle creature that glides between audience members with ease and grace, tickling fancies and chins along the way.

Our family here at Dundu, through years of stellar craftsmanship, original music, and finely- tuned puppeteering, brings a visual, interactive, mobile experience to your public. It is hard to describe the captivating nature of this glowing figure but when we see the lights light up in someone's eyes, we know he has achieved our goal - to instill a simple sense of wonder and togetherness in adults and children alike.
The only thing larger than this giant is his heart.

About me:
Bringing different people together and sharing have been one of my major passions ever since.
I am driving these values in both my private and business life - well I think I live only one life as I am totally loving what I am doing....24 / 7 and I am graceful for that

Specialties: Teambuilding, Creativitiy, Out-of the box, Change Management for Social Business, Intercultural Management, Facilitation, Dundu, Juggling, Theatre, Entertainment concepts, Dundu, Artist Network