Julia Schneider
AI Consultant & Author
Julia Schneider

Areas of interest:
- Artificial intelligence, data science and data strategy;
- Innovation processes with a focus on digitalization, diversity and inclusion, research and development;
- Labor economics and health at work.
As an independent consultant for Artificial Intelligence, she supports companies and institutions to shape their ideas about data potential, use cases and business relevance. As an author, she is currently finishing a comprehensive comic contribution on AI. As a member of the scientific committee of VDEI Association of the Exoskeleton Industry e.V., Julia coordinates VDEI's efforts for the acceptance and broad application of exoskeletons in everyday life, the public, politics and science.
Julia studied economics at the Free University in Berlin, Germany, and Santiago de Chile. After working as a labor market researcher for various years, she  received her doctorate from the Free University for her research on the effects of the 2005 German labor market reforms on welfare recipients` behavior and health. After that, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher on empirical labor and innovation research, with a focus on R&D, diversity and inclusion, labor market conditions/health at work and digitization at IAB, Berlin School for Economics and Law and Stifterverband and as senior data strategist at data & analytics company INWT statistics. Her publications are listed on ResearchGate (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Julia_Schneider), and she tweets as @docjsnyder.