#rp19 Call for Participation: The Business & Innovation Track

The “Business & Innovation” track – aka “Will start-ups save the world?”

Granted, not all of them. Not yet. But there are more and more. With sustainable digital business ideas, start-ups are redefining the market and showing the big players that ecological, social and economic objectives are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary: digital transformation can go hand in hand with sustainable development. The next phase of disruption within the economic system is imminent: sustainable digital disruption.

Whether green fintechs or social entrepreneurs, whether values-based business modelling or the SHEconomy – for re:publica 2019, these are exactly the sort of visionary business ideas and working models that we’re looking for, for initiatives in artificial intelligence and robotics that will chart a more sustainable, fairer future for business, commerce and work for everyone. At the same time, we want to engage with you in debates about platform economics and post-growth economics, about value chains and new work, want to explore the state of digitisation in European countries and ask what we Europeans can learn from one another.

The questions we’re thinking about:
What digital innovations are young female entrepreneurs from Africa using to provide essential momentum for their continent’s economy? How can digital technology contribute to making trade between the Global South and North more equitable? Does artificial intelligence make fairer and better decisions in HR management? Why are the Danish still the masters of work-life balance? If a nation fails in protecting LGBTIQ* rights, what role can and will companies play in doing it? How is VR technology changing our workplaces? Why will robots be the best co-workers you’ve ever had?

We’re looking for the answers in the “Business & Innovation” track.
We’re inviting artists, international activists, the “internet community,” scientists, businesspeople, journalists and entrepreneurs to use their present-day experiences, analyses, statements and research results to critically evaluate the status quo of the world of work, the digitisation of the economy and its effects on our consumption, culture and lifestyles. The range of topics is diverse and the contributions should be, too. The more colourful, the better!

You have until 16 December to submit traditional formats including lectures and panel discussions as well as anything that would leave the re:publica audience breathless and that is a lot of fun: hands-on workshops in the MakerSpace, VR performances, installations or inspiring actions with bots and robots that open up new perspectives on the topic of “Business & Innovation”.

We’re looking forward to your submissions!