#rp19 Call for Participation: The “Leisure & Lifestyle” Track

Digital bohemians, travelling programmers and conscious consumers, hardcore gamers, foodies and AI artists – to everyone who celebrates life, enjoys the world and help make society a more vibrant place: Our stages are waiting for you! Join us in making the re:publica 2019 an absolutely unique experience for digital society. Send us your ideas for the Call for Participation.

Digitisation can be like a rainbow that gives us access to another world worth living in. It helps make everything easier, more beautiful, more diverse and more open: global society is moving closer together, borders are being dismantled, knowledge is being exchanged around the world. It’s never been easier to cook delicious vegan food, never been so stylish to wear “eco” clothing – we’ve never had so many friends who share such curious passions as blow-dryer videos and cat content.

At the same time, digital innovations are already allowing us to live and experience the things that Sci-Fi authors and comics writers – and we along with them – were only dreaming of in the past millennium. We can slip into worlds of games using VR goggles, bring Klimt’s artistic world to life with artificial intelligence, and conquer the city with our smartphone-controlled skateboard.

These are exactly the sorts of developments that we want to find out more about and discuss them with you in the “Leisure & Lifestyle” track. We also want to ask: How are digital technologies changing the way we live and how we perceive life?

Do you have fitting topic and want to share it with the re:publica 2019 participants and audience? It’s easy! Take part in the Call for Participation and send us your festival contribution by 16 December 2018.

We’re looking forward to your submissions: Let’s gamble in e-sports sessions, dance in lessons on robot breakdancing, experience immersive games and sounds, philosophise about Sci-Fi ideas, and learn how we can commit to being more environmentally friendly and more social using digital tools. We welcome information about developments in the blogger scene, visions about future lifestyles, and current concepts about sexuality, nutrition, and travelling. The splashier, more innovative, more exciting, and more curious the better!

We’re also looking for critical reflexion: Is society becoming a community of digital narcissists who blindly pay homage to just scratching the surface of things? How much control and responsibility remains for us in world of bots and robots and where technology tells us what’s best for us? What’s the environmental and social footprint of our smart TV and the electric vehicle parked out front? What would a world where we no longer have to work be like? How have the working conditions for employees at Foxconn, seamstresses in textile factories in Bangladesh, and for miners underground in Africa changed over the past years? How can we all enjoy the world without excluding anyone or leaving anybody behind?

The countdown has started. You have time until 16 December 2018 to submit talks and panel discussions, concepts for hands-on workshops in the MakerSpace, VR performances, installations, and anything and everything that the re:publica 2019 shouldn’t go without.

We’re looking forward to your submissions and will be pressing the refresh button on our Call for Participation submission platform every second until then.