#rp19 speaker Frank Rieger: “The internet and our digital devices have become conflict zones”

Frank Rieger is a hacker, author, Internet activist and one of the speakers of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). He was an expert on technical issues of the NSA investigative committee and is one of the initiators of the Digital Charter of the European Union. Recently he published Cyberwar: Die Gefahr aus dem Netz. Wer uns bedroht und wie wir uns wehren können with Constanze Kurz, in which they describe what we have to do to protect our data, our money and our infrastructure.

Conflict zones around the net and digital devices in which users' rights are now discarded as collateral damage are at the heart of his #rp19-Talk. The discrediting of legitimate civil society protests against climate policy or Article 13 as "remote-controlled" or "instrumentalized" are just two examples of how these conflicts increasingly affect everyday (political) life. In his session, Frank Rieger illuminates the status quo, foreseeable developments and maps out possible counter-strategies.


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Frank Rieger's session