#rp19 speaker Hagit Keysar: DIY aerial photography in conflict zones

Hagit Keysar is a researcher and activist based in Jerusalem and Berlin. In recent years she conceptualized the idea of the “civic view from above” through experimenting with a do-it-yourself technique for independently creating aerial photography (developed by PublicLab.org). 

At #rp19 Hagit will share her research and visual work from Israel/Palestine on the possibilities and limitations to aerial vision in context of conflict and ongoing colonization. She will show how drone images can reveal invisible walls and forms of corporate and governmental control within the spatial, political and religious particularities of Jerusalem’s contested urban space.

Hagit Keysar is currently exploring the use of drones by indigenous groups and human rights activists for articulating rights and visualizing land claims in settler-colonial settings. She is conducting research at the Weizenbaum Institute for Networked Society and is a postdoctoral fellow of the Minerva Foundation at the Museum of Natural History.

Find her session here.