#rp19 speaker Jon Schull: Care and innovation outside of traditional organizations

Biological psychologist, entrepreneur, human-computer interaction researcher and digital community organizer Jon Schull is the founder of e-NABLE, an online philanthropic community that makes free open-source 3D-printed prosthetic hands and arms for children and adults.

e-NABLE sees itself as part of an emerging “Connected Humanitarians” movement of volunteers developing solutions for under-served populations worldwide using open source methodologies and emerging technologies.

tl;dr - 3 questions to ... Jon Schull.

What are you currently working on that will be part of your talk at re:publica?
Figuring out how to make the e-NABLE movement grow and and spread.

This year's motto is 'tl;dr' (too long, didn't read). Is there a topic you care about that particularly suffers from oversimplification and abbreviation?
Innovation, entrepreneurship, and real caring is easier outside of traditional organizations than inside.  
But  we don't really know how it works or how to scale it.
You cannot monetize caring without turning it into just another service (like health care).
We need to do better.

In the spirit of tl;dr: What are your recent must-reads/must-watches?
The Corporation. A 2004 documentary film.  
Greta Thunberg's TED talk.

Find Jon Schull's session here.