#rp19 speaker Markus Beckedahl: “tl;dr - digital used to be better”

Quo vadis, internet policy? Or: What's going well, what used to be better, where do we stand in 2019? From evergreens like nation-state hacking to new classics like the upload filters, from the EU to the German federal government - in his keynote, Markus Beckedahl, re:publica co-founder and netzpolitik.org founder and editor-in-chief, traces urban legends such as the expansion of broadband internet and the harsh realities of IT security. 

In recent months, many people (some have said: “bots”) have taken to the streets to protest the EU copyright reform and the associated upload filters. Markus Beckedahl has played an active role in the campaign against the reform. On Tuesday, May 7, Markus will discuss with MEP (Group of the European People's Party) and main initiator of the EU copyright reform Axel Voss. Jo Schück will moderate their debate in the session "Voss & Beckedahl: Lass uns reden".

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