#rp19-Meetups: Organize your community meeting!

For the first time we offer our #rp19 participants the opportunity to organize spontaneous community meetings during re:publica.  

What is a Meetup?

A Meetup is a spontaneous community meeting that allows our #rp19 participants to network, exchange and discuss about a specific topic or project in a small circle. The Meetups take place in two spaces parallel to the #rp19 programme. One slot is 60 minutes. To preserve the community character, there are no stages or microphones in the Meetup Spaces.

Where do the Meetups take place?

Meetups take place on all three conference days in the Community Garden. This is located at the back of the STATION, the former Networking Area. Thus, the Meetups are completely detached from the hustle of the Exhibition Area. In addition, we also offer a Meetup Space on the fourth floor parallel to the re:learn Topic. These take place in an open space area in the re:learn café.

How can I submit a Meetup?

Quite simple: There are two analogue boards in the Community Garden. Here you can sign in your Meetup topic and your name in a free slot. Also for the Meetups in the re:learn café you can simply sign in your idea into a schedule.

How do I become aware of a new Meetup?

If you want to join a Meetup, check out the two Meetup boards in the Community Garden. You can find the upcoming Meetups on these boards. We'll also tweet the upcoming Meetups of the day under the hashtag #rp19.