#rp19 re:view "Express Yourself"

The #rp19 topic "Express Yourself" was dedicated to challenges and conflicts around freedom of expression. If everyone is allowed to say everything and could potentially reach a large audience on the internet, then how do we deal with hate speech, trolls and Fake News? What should be considered necessary regulation, what’s illegitimate censorship? We have created a YouTube playlist containing all videos of the “Express Yourself” topic. Find it here.
The controversial EU copyright directive adopted in March received particular attention. Jo Schück invited MEP Axel Voss, one of the central advocates of the copyright reform, and Markus Beckedahl to a discussion.

The topic also comprised talks on populism and its forms of expression. According to political scientist Torben Lütjen, populism does not follow authoritarian patterns of thinking, as is generally believed, but anti-authoritarian arguments and even a distorted form of enlightenment. Watch Torben Lütjen explain his research in an interview with Philip Banse of dctp.tv here. In her talk, Eva Horn pointed out why populists dominate debates on social media and what we can do about it.

Our discussion culture on the internet was also the topic of a panel discussion between Nicole Diekmann, Gregor Mayer, Marc Ziegele and Sonja Boddin. Michal Hvorecky described how communities in Eastern Europe defend themselves against fakes and trolls.

"Express Yourself" is also the topic that featured talks on the future of journalism. Georg Restle, Florian Klenk, Marietta Slomka and Vanessa Vu discussed how journalism can remain relevant and what relevance actually means. Bernhard Pörksen warned against internet pessimism and showed ways out of the resignation trap. Berhan Taye pointed out the connections between government and corporate surveillance and censorship.

In her impressive keynote, Sigi Maurer showed which patriarchal patterns are reproduced and even reinforced in the fight against misogyny.

Click here for the complete "Express Yourself" playlist.