#rp19 re:view "The Human Touch"

The topic "The Human Touch" dealt with the intersection of the human and the digital, with mental and physical health in the digital context. You can find the videos of the topic in a YouTube playlist here.

A central topic was the use of algorithms in the health sector. Brigitte Strahwald highlighted how Big Data and Machine Learning are used to calculate the individual risk of illness and which minimum requirements such tools should meet.

By using algorithms and software to monitor human health, new protagonists come into play: In addition to medical staff and patients, developers and companies are now involved in medical measures. Maike Janssen describes the effects this could have on patient consent in her "(Digital) Body Talk - Consent for the Data Body".

The Human Touch also dealt with bionics and "Augmented Humans". Jon Schull presented e-NABLE, a global network of volunteers who make prostheses using open source blueprints and 3D printing. In her session "The augmented human: A future where we share bodies and senses with machines?" Eva Wolfnagel took a glimpse into a future in which we share our consciousness, our senses and our bodies with machines.