#rp19 speaker Sarah Spiekermann: Properties of the digital fabric

Sarah Spiekermann is a scientist, author and advisor on digital ethics. She has been chairing the Institute for Information Systems & Society at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) since 2009. In 2016 she founded the Privacy & Sustainable Computing Lab at WU Vienna. She has co-authored US/EU privacy regulation and worked as an expert and advisor to companies and governmental institutions, including the EU Commission and the OECD. Sarah also writes a blog on “The Ethical Machine” at Austrian newspaper Standard.at.

Her #rp19 keynote ventures into the natural properties of the digital fabric and their implications for ethics and human progress in a digitalized world. She talks about how complete digital representations can be in comparison to the real world. She will also demonstrate how software always comes with built-in errors nowadays and thereby threatens human processes in a Kafkaesque way.

She will also shed light on the matter of commercialization of the digital fabric and how it missuses the digital fabric to produce a web of dependencies, leading to a loss of freedom, of individuality, personality and humanity at large.


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