#rp19 speaker Caroline Sinders presents her “Feminist Data Set”

How can data be feminist? What does internet feminism actually mean? And what does this have to do with machine learning of AIs?

Caroline Sinders addresses these exact questions in her Feminist Data Set. In her keynote speech at re:publica 2017, she described the difficulties that arise when artificial intelligence is used to solve the problems of online discrimination and cyber bullying. At re:publica 2019, Caroline will return to tackle this problem with her Feminist Data Set. More specifically, this means that she will record data sets in workshops and lectures with a broad range of people, which in turn will determine parameters for feminist concepts, objects, theories, their inventors and origins. Caroline sees the practice of data collection in itself as being self-empowering and feminist. By feeding this data into machine learning systems, however, the project intends to change these systems, which are used in both public and private life. You can learn more about how this works and what it means at #rp19!

Caroline has been committed to making the online world a more peaceful and inclusive place for a long time. As a machine learning designer, user researcher, artist, and digital anthropologist, Caroline's work includes cyberbullying and why it is such a major issue. In her opinion, the fact that people mistreat each other is owed to the human nature, but the extent to which this takes place online is a design problem. If social platforms were to redesign their interface, it would help users experience less harassment online. This intersectional and, in her own words, niche work by Caroline therefore addresses problems that arise in the fields of digital technology and (digital) anthropology.

Yes, but let's be a little more specific. At re:publica 2019 Caroline Sinders will present her Feminist Data Set in a keynote speech in all its glory. You will also have the chance to become a part of this interactive data collection against the predominance of the normalized patriarchal online language in the course of her workshop! So tell all your best friends, closest colleagues, dearest grandparents and everyone you want to have with you and share your inspiration at republica 2019.

Find her session here.

> Website: https://carolinesinders.com/
> Twitter: @carolinesinders