The rp:International Space at #rp19


At the core of re:publica, various international communities, stakeholders and creators of the global digital society come together. Only through an international network can answers be found to our global challenges, be it climate change, monopolies of power or hate speech. At re:publica International, we want to promote the exchange of ideas and celebrate the diversity of digital cultures.

rpAccra re:visited

For many years now, delegates from across Africa have been coming to re:publica Berlin. Under the motto "NEXT LEVEL", we celebrated the premiere of re:publica Accra last year in Ghana's capital. Some of the main topics that emerged from the Call for Participation included Access, Waste, Future and can be found at rp19, addressing the following questions: Does privacy mean the same for people in Accra and Berlin? How is knowledge about the culture and history of a country produced in a post-colonial context? How does art create a new narrative around the culture of reparation? How does the informal sector deal with the Gig Economy? Which utopias are already shaping the African continent today?

Get ready for an exciting stage program and insightful sessions at the rp:International Space. In the Meetup re:publica Accra: Meet the Team and Join the Next Edition! you can also contribute your ideas for a possible next #rpAccra.

re:publica on Sequencer Tour

Since last year, re:publica has been organizing events on US soil as Sequencer Tour as part of the Germany Year USA, together with the Reeperbahn Festival and next media accelerator. The re:publica is dedicating these events to transatlantic topics related to digitization, politics and culture. How is data protection and copyright dealt with in the USA, and what consequences does this have for EU citizens? How does the future of e-mobility in the US heartland and in major German cities lead to sustainable urban concepts? Which intercultural dynamics exist in the USA, and how are they relatable to similar structures in Germany? re:publica already dealt with these and other issues at the start of the tour in Los Angeles and at the SXSW in Austin, Texas, and in the Fall of 2019, re:publica will travel to Detroit and Portland. At rp19 there will already be some insights and opportunities for exchange: at the Detroit Deep Dive with Tiff Massey, at the Ask Me Anything with Cory Doctorow, and at the Meetup Next Up: Detroit & Portland, where you are invited to contribute ideas for the next stations.

That's not all

In 2016 and 2017, re:publica was in Dublin and Thessaloniki under the name re:connecting EUROPE  - and shortly before the election of the European Parliament, questions about the future of the EU are more relevant than ever. Join the europX meetup to discuss what a digital democracy for the EU could look like and network with other initiatives and interested parties.

In addition, the artist Sasan Saidi will create a graphic recording of the topics at rp:International Space for the entire duration of the re:publica - make sure to check it out in the making and latest at the Close Out.

Programme Highlights:

Stage Programme
    •    Opening Keynote: The poli-tricks of tl;dr: the technical is political (Nanjira Sambuli)
    •    It’s Monopolies, not surveillance (Cory Doctorow)
    •    Glitter Ain’t Gold (Tiff Massey)
    •    Silencing the silence: the Vicious Cycle of Censorship and Surveillance (Berhan Taye)
    •    Repair Acts: Care, Reuse and Maintenance Cultures (Teresa Dillon, Kisseih Amanortey)
    •    Building Joyful Futures (Alexis Hope)
    •    The Algorithmic Boss (Alex Rosenblat)

At the rp:International Space
    •    rp:International Get Together
    •    Ask Me Anything with Nanjira Sambuli
    •    Ask Me Anything with Cory Doctorow
    •    Ask Me Anything with Nanjala Nyabola
    •    A Black Star Rises: Can Ghana be the Vanguard of African Innovation?
    •    Privacy Illustrated – Berlin Edition
    •    Detroit Deep Dive
    •    Afroroutes: Africa Elsewhere
    •    Distributed Design Business Models Brainstorming

Find the full programme of the rp:International Space here: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3