Sequencer Sessions on #rpRemote

Shouts from Detroit, Portland, Accra
With stops in LA, Austin, Detroit and Portland, re:publica was on Sequencer Tour in the USA from October 2018 to October 2019 as part of Wunderbar Together, and for the first time in December 2018 with re:publica in Accra. During the re-publica.tv edition we will take you on a journey! Look forward to insights from international speakers of our re:publica on Sequencer Tour and rpAccra, who will tell you in short clips how they are dealing with the current situation. Look forward to Ingrid LaFleur, Will Senyo, Sacramento Knoxx, Bryce Detroit, Andreas Görgen, Tiff Massey, Jessica Robinson, and many more. The so called Shouts, as well as our re:publica on Sequencer Tour recap can be found on all 4 channels between the sessions during the breaks.

WIth Cory Doctorow and Richard Sennett
In addition, net activist Cory Doctorow, who joined us at rp19 and in Austin on the SXSW with re:publica on Sequencer Tour, will be back. Tune in to his session on ASAP 1 at 9:25-9:50pm. Also look forward to the urban sociologist Richard Sennett, who will speak on the topic of city, culture and neoliberalism. You can follow his talk from 6-6:35pm on ASAP1, and directly afterwards ask your questions in the Deep Dive.

Evening Programme live from Detroit
As a grand finale get ready for an evening programme with well-known DJs from Detroit! The Line Up ranges from DJ John Collins from Underground Resistance, as well as Beige and Eddie Fowlkes. On ASAP 1 you can tune in to John Collins' All-Vinyl-DJ-Set from 11:30-11:59pm. You can already watch our complete 5-hour stream from 7pm on the channels of United We Stream and Arte Concerts. The lineup was curated by Dimitri Hegemann in cooperation with Tresor and Detroit-Berlin Connection.

We thank the Wunderbar Together Initiative and the German Foreign Office for their kind support of the Sequencer Tour contributions.