The first act of #rp19 Side Events: Games

The re:publica Side Events are the tissue that connects the different locations and spaces: Aside from talks and workshops, performances, games and interactive activities will take you beyond familiar worlds of experience, appeal to all senses and disrupt patterns of thinking.

This year's motto tl;dr encourages us to think about alternative forms of debating and sharing knowledge. Playing is firmly anchored in human nature - through games we set up and contest interpersonal codes of conduct, test our senses and learn solution-oriented action.

Let's play - Games at #rp19

On the first day of #rp19 we collaborate with the Department of Contemporary Puppetry at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. Inspired by the Black Mirror film "Bandersnatch", their works create a game cosmos where every decision counts. In a vision of a Berlin on the verge of collapse following a climate catastrophe, it is up to you to turn everything around for the better. This space between stage and online stream has the potential to expand into a big conference game. BeBernd!

On day two, the Universität der Künste takes the lead and uses the concept of play for a speculative form of knowledge transfer. In a future where smart pot-bellied pigs tell of the beginnings of crypto currencies and we have to imagine a better life between crisis and upswing, we get an idea of the horror of today. In the scenarios that the UdK research group "Übertrumpen" designs in their games, you fight your way through unpredictable floods of images and information that pelt from your smartphone.

We will share the third day of games at re:publica with various NGOs and game developers to imagine a near future of a crisis-ridden community. How can human rights, sustainability and business come together on the ruins of a civil war? With "serious games" we try out crises of democratic coexistence in a playful way. How can we strike a balance between environmental protection, participation and growth? Whatever there is to do - let's play!

More information on specific games in our Side Events:

Instagame: Have you got what it takes to be an influencer?
BUFFY: Experience unpredictable twists and speculative future scenarios through play.
Future Shocks: narrative battlegrounds: Disruptive thinking is needed. 
NEAGI! - Trust your Kryptocoins: Learn how Kryptocurrencies work in a playful way. 
Blockchain or Mockchain: The X-Faktor of blockchain businesses - truth or fiction? Find out for yourself.