Makerspace will again be represented at this year's re:publica. Since 2014 it has been the meeting point for creative minds, designers, inventors and coders from the maker scene at re:publica. Anyone who is interested in digital fabrication, laser cutting, tinkering or soldering is very welcome to the Makerspace!

Here you have room for creativity, exchange of knowledge and together with the other participants you can create something new for our digital future. With sustainability in mind, we want to create something big at the Makerspace that will last even after re:publica, and something small that anyone can take home with them.

In our exciting workshops, exhibitions and installations you can develop your own robots together, make a statement flag or a paper GIF, work on a sustainable biotech future with medical open source devices or design boats out of plastic waste.

Workshops, exhibitions and installations will take place on all three conference days at the Makerspace. The Makerspace can be found in the Community Garden.