tl;dr Deep Dive: re:publica Next Generation

The future of education. 
The future of work.
The future society.

These are the three intertwined - interconnected! - topics that rp19 will address under the umbrella "re:publica Next Generation" from 6 to 8 May 2019. And we will unite these three issues quite literally under one "roof", because the three corresponding formats will all take place on the five floors of KühlhausBerlin.

"re:publica Next Generation“ focuses - as the name suggests - on the young digitals, on the realities of life, work and learning of precisely the generation born into a digitally networked world. We are dealing with teenagers and this year we invite them even more cordially to be part of re:publica!

And KühlhausBerlin is the perfect location. 


Let's start on the building’s ground floor: This is where the next generation will gather for TINCON this year. TINCON is a youth conference that was founded in 2015 as a non-profit by rp founder Tanja Haeusler and her husband. TINCON takes place in Berlin since 2016, has established events in Hamburg and Düsseldorf and visited the Leipzig Book Fair or the Museum für Arbeit in Hamburg. At each of these events, between 450 and 1,500 teenagers between 13 and 21 are invited to listen to and give lectures, to expand their knowledge and skills in workshops and of course to engage in discussions. 

Yes, it is about YouTube and Instagram, about coding and technologies, but it's also about social issues that concern young people: Mental Health. Gender issues. Climate change. Internet policy. It’s fair to say that TINCON is a kind of re:publica for teenagers.

These young people have never made as much noise as they have in the past days, weeks and months. That's why they will have their own spaces at TINCON: The ground floor in KühlhausBerlin is reserved for 13- to 21-year-old TINCON guests (exceptions are staff, accompanying persons, helpers and older lecturers). Because on the U21 stages, true to their name, young speakers under the age of 21 will hold their talks, often for the first time, who want to present to their peers first. What is more, some topics are discussed differently among young people without parents and teachers present. The TINCON ground floor therefore belongs primarily to young people.

Of course, this does not mean that the topics of the young generation are uninteresting for older people or that there will be no exchange between the generations - quite the opposite! Because exactly this exchange is one of the goals of the "re:publica Next Generation". And that's why the more experienced and/or well-known TINCON speakers will find their place on the 1st floor of KühlhausBerlin, where the TINCON Stage of the rp19 will be located. There, too, the focus will be on topics that concern the young generation, young people will be talking, as well as those who particularly care for them or who have something special to tell them. Among them are Arne and Nico Semsrott, Sophie Passmann, Aya Jaff, Luisa Neubauer, RobBubble and Linus Neumann. The current program can be found at tincon.org/berlin19/.

The 1st floor of TINCON is open to all visitors of re:publica, regardless of age. But the other way around it's even better: re:publica is open to all young TINCON guests. If you are under 21, you can register here for TINCON for free and thus also get access to rp19. This is our gift to the young generation who are outnumbered in German society more than in any other European country. We cordially invite them to speak up and join all discussions!

In this context, we are very much looking forward to registrations from school classes or other youth groups! All information can be found at tincon.org/berlin19, and there is a PDF summary for schools and other teaching bodies. Because there is even more to experience at "re:publica Next Generation":


On the open floors above the 1st floor we will host Jetpack, a trade fair for career opportunities, training and academic orientation. Companies will introduce themselves to the young generation, professions of the near future are presented. In a small bar camp area, the exhibiting companies will organise workshops, and the topics around the future of work will be addressed on the Jetpack stage. 

Young people who have registered for TINCON will automatically have access to the Jetpack. HR departments of companies, training organisations, institutes, schools and universities please contact jetpack@tincon.org or get in touch via jetpack.tincon.org if you are interested in an exhibition space.

And for anyone who has to do with or is interested in education, the popular re:publica track re:learn will take place again this year.


For over a decade, rp has been dealing with the future of education under the title re:learn. This year, it will have its own floor on the upper floor of KühlhausBerlin as part of "re:publica Next Generation". Curated by Jöran Muß-Mehrholz, the re:learn experts from the education sector offer a unique forum and platform for networking. All guests of rp19 and TINCON have access to re:learn, which this year also presents an opportunity for accompanying teachers who can continue their education here while their pupils visit TINCON. 

For these teachers, admission is free if they have registered for TINCON with their class or classes by sending an e-mail to tickets@tincon.org. Teachers who would like to visit re:publica and thus re:learn out of their own interest and unaccompanied by young people can purchase regular rp tickets here.

re:publica Next Generation: An experiment

"re:publica Next Generation“ with its combination of TINCON, Jetpack and re:learn under one roof is one big experiment. With re:publica, our endeavour has always been to portray and integrate the important and major topics of our coexistence. With "Next Generation", we focus on the young generation, which leads a digital life of its own. 

We would be delighted if you would join us and spread the idea - to pupils and other young people who want to be part of TINCON, to companies and educational organisations who want to present at Jetpack, and to schools and people from the educational sector.


"re:publica Next Generation" is dedicated to the young digital generation with TINCON, Jetpack and re:learn at KühlhausBerlin from 6 to 8 May 2019. It will be very good.