10:30 - 11:00
Participatory Paradise
9 elections, 1 continent: impact of social media in Latin America

Short thesis

Latin America is celebrating 9 elections next year. And, after the difficult time faced by the continent on 2018, our talk will look at proactive strategies designed to overcome and defeat hate speech, the capture of social media by powerful groups and emerging power dynamics, where data of some defines who is going to be the President.


In 2019, Latin America will celebrate 9 key elections that will shape the future of the continent. The talk will dissect the techniques authorities and activists are using, after the "Bolsonaro effect", to shield their elections. We will look at social, technical and regulatory barriers to block any possible capture by powerful groups of the elections, taking advantage of data. We will also look at the positive effects connectivity could have in active citizenship and how an offline citizen of today has far more limited rights.