Loft J
18:45 - 20:45
AI is More Than Math: Building A Feminist Data Set

Short thesis

What is data made from a Feminist perspective? What does Feminist Data do or need? Join artist and researcher Caroline Sinders in this introductory workshop proposing new methodologies and solutions for data collection through a feminist lens.


The session will investigate varying methods of creating a feminist data set. What is feminist data inside of social networks, algorithms, and big data? A feminist data set queers the archive, the spreadsheet, and the data set. It moves beyond a white and male space, forcing the technology to reflect the community. A feminist data set acts as a means to combat bias and introduce the possibility of data collection as a feminist practice, aiming to produce a slice of data to intervene in larger civic and private networks.  Exploring its potential to disrupt larger systems by generating new forms of agency, the session asks: can data collection itself function as an artwork? How can we create data to be an act of protest against algorithms?

Participants are invited to bring digital content such as images, gifs, videos, sound, music and texts, which they feel is feminist in nature, to feed into the data set, which teaches an AI system to recognise such data (examples: The Feminine Mystique, Beyonce’s Lemonade, “I Want a Dyke for President”, the Cyborg Feminist Manifesto, etc.). This process raises questions concerning qualitative data collection and requires the group to reflect on categories supposed to capture feminism.

This workshop is the extension on Caroline Sinders Talk 'AI is More Than Math: Using Art and Design to Interrogate Bias in AI '.