rp:International Space
13:00 - 13:30
Ask Me Anything About Technopolit(r)ic(k)s

Short thesis

Come and join us for an Ask Me Anything about Technopolit(r)ick(k)s with Nanjira Sambuli! Feel free to use this opportunity to have Nanjira share her insights on terms and conditions in relation to privacy tradeoffs, informational superhighways, and the need to strengthen civic engagement in order to reclaim the discourse about terms and conditions.


Technopolit(r)ic(k)s and tl;dr - what do they have in common? According to Nanjira Sambuli, their commonality lies with governments and corporations abusing the tl;dr culture. Here, Sambuli defines the culture as an acceptance to extremely long terms and conditions that are complex and difficult for the ordinary person to understand. This results in us falling into a trap of having no other choice but to trust those who represent us. There are clear-cut consequences of this. Yet what are these consequences, and how can we prevent them?