13:45 - 15:45
Car-hacking Workshop with open source Hardware

Short thesis

To start with Car-Hacking, I have built a simulated CAN-Bus-Network with 10 OBD-II interfaces.
OBD-II is the standard Car-Diagnosis-Interface since 2001(Petrol) / 2003 (Diesel).
We will use the MACCHINA M2 Car-Hacking Arduino and flash a basic Sniffer for the CAN-Bus Protocol.
We will retrieve CAN-Bus Data (coming from the simulated Car-Network) and visualize it in SavvyCAN.


Here is my Agenda for the workshop on re:publica 2019:

  • Why does every Car has a mobile?
  • Communication inside of a car
  • connected systems
  • The CAN-Bus
  • OBD-II (car-diagnosis-port)
  • Car-Hacking
    • Raspberry Pi and the picanshield
    • Arduino and the Arduino CAN-Bus interface
    • Machhina M2
    • SavvyCAN

How can I prepare myself?

Bring your notebook (preferrably with a installed version of SavvyCAN)

Where can I get Savvycan?

You can Download it under

What will I use in the workshop?

for the workshop you will get:

  • one can-bus Simulator
  • one Macchina M2
  • one Micro SD card
  • one Micro SD-cable

Where can I get my own device?

you can get your Panda (to retrieve your data) or your EON DevKit under the following Address

Where can I get my own Macchina M2?

Can I have some more videos before I destroy my (or my parents) car?