12:30 - 13:30
Dext – The Open Science Set for Education

Short thesis

The Science Set is an affordable portable science lab which fits into every school bag. The hands-on approach to science helps students to easily appreciate what they see in the textbook.


With the Science Set, complex concepts are broken down into simple, fun and engaging experiments which enhance the students' understanding of these concepts; thus making Science – the once dreaded subject – a favourite for them. Some examples:

    •    Light: Experiments from visualizing rays and beams to rectilinear propagation of light
    •    Transistors: Learn the basics of transistors, base, collector, emitter and how to use them in circuits
    •    Basic Electronics: Parts to build simple electronics projects like LED lamps or security lights
    •    Diodes & Switches: Turn circuits on and off with switches. Learn how diodes control the flow of current
    •    Electromagnetism: Experiments from making electromagnets to visualizing electromagnetic lines of force
    •    Circuits: Parts to demonstrate how electronic circuits work and investigate current, voltage etc.
    •    Resistors & Capacitors: Learn how resistors and capacitors work

And many other bits and pieces to make learning science exciting and interesting.

The workshop will introduce the Science Set and show a few of the different experiments that can be conducted with it. The use cases within classroom settings will be explained as well as building projects that solve real-world problems with the science set. 

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