17:30 - 18:30
Music - Reality Check
DIY 4Chord MIDI device

Short thesis

In this hands-on workshop, the participants will learn to solder by putting together their own 4Chord MIDI Device, which is capable of generating the 4 chord progression - I–V–vi–IV, immediately allowing anyone to jam along with their favorite songs which use the same progression.


Thousands of songs, from "Let it be" by The Beatles, to "Don't Forget Me" by RHCP are based on a very basic chord progression -- I–V–vi–IV. In this workshop, the participants will solder together a USB MIDI device, which when played using any PC or mobile based audio workstation, will allow the user to cover thousands of songs which follow the I–V–vi–IV chord progression.

The workshop will begin with explaining what the chord progression actually signifies, and then move on to the hands-on part, wherein the participants will learn to solder on the take-away DIY kit. 


* The workshop will be chargeable at 10 Euro or less per participant, in order to pay for the workshop materials.
* Workshop is limited to a max of 10-15 participants. First come first serve.