15:00 - 16:00
The Future of Mobility - Speculative Design/Futures Thinking Workshop

Short thesis

From autonomous driving up to new city infrastructures, the opportunities and questions around the changing nature of mobility are constantly increasing. In our design research project “Where to go” we explored the future of Autonomous Mobility in a speculative way.
Come join us in our Design Fiction Workshop in order to translate the uncertainties of our futures into present day choices. Lets challenge traditional ideas and dive into the needs of tomorrow!


“Where to go” with Autonomous Mobility?

Within this workshop we will question the status-quo debates around Autonomous Mobility and reflect on the socio-cultural, technical, ecological,economical and political aspects of our transforming surrounding.

Our format combines methods from Fiction and Design in a hands-on workshop, in which we will collectively dig for the needs of tomorrow and create thought-provoking visions for the future of mobility. Part coaching, part co-creation, through design fiction, storytelling and scenario building exercises we are going to develop material glimpses into desirable futures.

● Introduction into the theme “Autonomous Mobility” and our research project “Where to go”

● Introduction into Design Fiction and Future Foresight methods

● Design Fiction exercises and presentation of your ideas

Take away: In this workshop session, we will co create design fictions that help us reflect on a ‘humane design’ approach to the future of mobility;  Reflections that might help us spark new Ideas for mobility systems, take human values as a cornerstone, empowers people and generally aims to improve the human condition.