L - Lokschuppen Stage (Museumspark)
11:15 - 11:45
Digital Culture Club
Future proofing the museum's digital infrastructure

Short thesis

In 2019, museums and galleries are expected to deliver breathtaking digital experiences, offer all of their collections online and engage audiences through participation. But instead of commissioning one-off Shiny New Tech to achieve these (quite often) well-grounded expectations, they should aim at creating sustainable digital infrastructures and digital collections.


At the Slovak National Gallery, ever since we started a large-scale digitization project  in 2011 and a major reconstruction in 2015, we were set on a path to create a digital infrastructure, allowing us to scan, store and make more than 100.000 artworks accessible in high resolution. What started as a blueprint for a new on-line catalogue soon branched out into other projects and new ways of doing things: creating stories using digital collections, enabling reuse of public domain content, developing new interfaces and interactives for on-line and on-site experiences, or designing digital services such as art-prints-on-demand. Using examples of past and present projects created at lab.SNG (research and development unit at Slovak National Gallery), Michal will demonstrate how museums can keep digital as their "core business", while not leaving all of it to the (big) tech companies.