15:00 - 16:00
Live Translation
The Golden Age of Podcasting 1

Short thesis

Joel Lovell and Tobias Bauckhage discuss the developments that have led to the current podcast boom in the US: what historical events, technological changes, format innovations, entrepreneurs, storytellers and shows have created this “Golden Age of Podcasting”?


What caused the massive successes of narrative podcasts like “Serial”, “S-Town”, “Missing Richard Simmons”, “Homecoming” or “The Daily”? Why is Spotify buying one podcast company after the other right now? Why is Hollywood suddenly investing into podcast productions? And what could be learned from all of this for the podcast market in Germany?

This session will be held in English and will be translated into German.

Joel Lovell und Tobias Bauckhage diskutieren die Historie des aktuellen Podcast-Booms in den USA. Welche Ereignisse, Format-Innovationen, Entrepreneure und Serien haben zum aktuellen “Golden Age of Podcasting” geführt? Wie lässt sich der enorme Erfolg von narrativen Podcasts wie “Serial”, “S-Town”, “Missing Richard Simmons”, “Homecoming” oder “The Daily” erklären? Warum kauft Spotify aktuell eine Podcast-Firma nach der anderen? Warum investiert Hollywood plötzlich massiv in Podcast-Produktionen? Und was lässt sich von diesen Entwicklungen für den deutschen Markt lernen?