B-Part Am Gleisdreieck
13:45 - 14:45
Indigenous / Digital Immanence: hush, hush

Short thesis

For this lecture/performance of an on-going project entitled “Red,” Tiara Roxanne will illustrate the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Western Indigeneity. The session will address the impossibility of decolonization, i.e., “I cannot decolonize my body.” By reinterpreting processes of colonial recovery through a performative and critical lens, we will arrive at notions of digital borders, the digital body and lastly, digital flesh.


What does Indigeneity have to do with Artificial Intelligence?

Western Indigenous cultures have been colonized, dehumanized and silenced. As AI grows and learns from colonial pre-existing biases, it also reinscribes the notion that Natives no longer are but were.  And since machine learning requires the input of categorical data, from which AI develops knowledge and understanding, compartmentalization is a natural behavior AI undertakes. As AI classifies these communities into a marginalized and historicized digital data set, the asterisk, the code, we fall into a cultural trap of recolonization. This necessitates an interference. A non-violent break.  A different kind of rupture. One which fractures digital colonization and lands us somewhere in the depths of digital immanence.