rp:International Space
15:30 - 16:00
Mapping Makerspaces

Short thesis

Come discover how distributed design and integrated urban fabrication can work together to build a sustainable, open and social future!


The local Paris fabric;

The Fab City Store supports designers, craftsmen and makers who build the city of tomorrow. We believe our current production and consumption system need to evolve towards more sustainability.

Discover the Parisian fabrication ecosystem, its designers, their products, the makerspaces and the resources.

Help us map more!

With pens and stickers, let’s use the collective knowledge to identify actors of the fabrication network; from designers to resellers. Together, we will identify the resources we will need to build the products of the decentralised design future.


And while you're waiting for re:publica: Check out & contribute to the atlasofinnovation.com/map