Stage 3
12:30 - 13:30
Mobility for a better world or are we lost in transportation?

Short thesis

Anja Hendel, Director Porsche Digital Lab, Jacek Mikus, CEO at Robonetica and Katy Campbell, Head of Brand and Communications at APX discuss, which role technology does play for our vision of future mobility. Do mobility and tech companies take their responsibility serious enough to shape a good and sustainable mobility approach to #createtomorrow? And how much mobility does the next generation even need?


New technologies, new products, new competitors, new customers, new rules. Hardly any other industry is transforming as quickly as the automotive industry and the according changes in mobility on a global level. It's not a trend anymore. The crucial question is: How will we move from A to B tomorrow?

Digitalization is setting the pace at full speed and is significantly changing our mobility in the core areas of connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification and new services. The entire automotive industry is changing. This holds opportunities, but also is a big challenge for established companies. Artificial intelligence, 5G, improving the efficiency of battery storage, urbanization, smart infrastructures, sustainability, sharing economy, pay-per-use business models or urgently needed ethical standards in the field of automation are the drivers of constant change.

What role does technology play in our vision of the mobility of the future? Do mobility and technology companies take their responsibility seriously enough to develop a good and sustainable mobility approach for tomorrow? And how much mobility will the next generation even need? What is mobility for a better tomorrow, or are we already "lost in transportation"? The discussion has only just begun.